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The Historical Documents: An Introduction to the Archives
Col. Brian L. Etchieson, Department of Mythogenesis, Director

Welcome to our presentation, for the first time,
of selected items from the A.D.P.C. archives.

While we are unable to present the entirety of our archival materiel here on-line, we have selected a choice few items which we feel will provide an overview of the Society's history, evolution, and current purpose in the world today. We have included correspondence, mission logs, transcriptions from our audio archives, and excerpts from outside sources as we deemed reliable.

One of the challenges that we of the archival department face is that of determining the provenance and veracity of many of the items located in our library facility. Little care was taken in the early days of the society to organize or preserve the materiel in our files; as a result, even we of the A.D.P.C. can examine our own history but through the glass darkly, as it were. Often we ourselves have had to rely upon researchers from the outside in order to flesh-out some of the murkier chapters of our history.

We have, in fact, a great morass of seemingly unconnected documents, recordings, blueprints and interdepartmental communications; some fragmentary, some inscrutable, some clearly the fabrications of a disturbed mind. Our task, the sorting and cataloguing of these items, is an on-going one, and may indeed turn out to be the work of generations.

None-the-less, we are here proud to present to you some of the fruits of our labor, in hopes that this may give you a clearer understanding of the American Dairy Prevention Council.

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